Bay Window Shutters

Do you live in Oxford and are lucky enough to have beautiful bay windows in your home but not sure how to dress them? Catering for any sided bays our internal bay window shutters provides a perfect solution to what is considered a classic British window style.

A cleaner and more practical option to curtains, bay window shutters take up less room and are completely bespoke to your window. With the option have bay windows in the full height, café or tier on tier style, this allows you to choose the most suitable look and feel for your home. Unlike curtains, which are either open or closed, shutters are at their best in bay windows. Being able to open the panels or simply tilt the louvers to suit your light and privacy preferences.

With a solid frame, built to be one piece, bay window shutters are structurally sound and durable. The corner or bay posts add extra strength and allow you to choose which way the panels are hinged. With the option of hidden hinges, this can be a neat and discrete option to bear in mind.

Bay Window Shutter Information

We have a comprehensive range of high-quality bay window shutter frames including a 90° and 135° version. Should your bay not match a stock bay frame our custom bay frame will always ensure a perfect fit and look.

Available in 6 different materials and the full selection of colour options, you can create a bay window shutter style that is suited to modern homes or a traditional period property. With instant kerb appeal, bay window shutters possess beautiful aesthetics from both the inside and outside of your home.

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Key Features

  • Choose from full height, tier-on-tier or café style
  • Available in all 6 shutter materials
  • Match your window shape
  • Helps save space
  • Design to suit your style
  • Timeless, stylish look
  • Adds instant kerb appeal

Suitable For

  • Splay and square bays
  • Bay windows with 3 or more sides
  • Living rooms and bedrooms
bay window shutters


The Antigua range is our entry level product made from high quality MDF. It is durable, robust and very easy to clean.

  • Available in 9 different shades.
  • Available in 5 different louver sizes.
  • Small and med size windows


Cuba is our entry level hardwood range, combining style and practicality. Made from MDF frames and hardwood panels, Cuba is your amazingly affordable hardwood option.​

  • Perfect for large openings.
  • Available in 23 different colours.​
  • Available in 4 different louver sizes.


A completely wooden product made from Paulownia, a fast growing hardwood with an outstanding strength to weight ratio. An ethically sourced product perfect for large openings and roof spaces.

  • 27 stain colours
  • 23 stylish painted colours.
  • Special shapes and solid panels.
  • 7 different louver sizes.


A blend of ABS louvers and an MDF frame gives us the Bermuda range. More versatile than the entry level Antigua range, Bermuda has a huge amount of options to choose from.

  • Available in 22 stylish colours.
  • Available in 5 different louver sizes.
  • Durable yet lightweight panels.


The fully waterproof option which is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Made from ABS, a more robust option than the cheaper, vinyl shutters. With an amazing high quality finish, it is virtually impossible to tell this product is plastic.

  • Fully waterproof.
  • 22 shades and custom colour.
  • Lightweight and durable.


The top of the range product crafted from White Teak. As one of the worlds finest timbers, it is both a sustainable and ethical hardwood.

  • Premium White Teak hardwood.
  •  20 stain colours
  • 28 stylish painted colours.
  • Special shapes and solid panels.
  • 6 louver options available.


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