Buying shutters - Frequently Asked Questions

There are many aspects to consider when deciding about shutters. There are also questions about delivery, installation and many other factors that you may want to know. Depending on your requirements, budget and desires there are bound to be questions you may want answered.

When buying shutters, we have listed a few of our most frequently asked questions below to give you a better understanding of the products and the process and may help you out with something you might not have known.

Apart from the questions below, we would be more than happy to answer any query, no matter how simple or complex. We will always give you the most honest, valuable and experienced advice, along with the most up-to-date specification and technology. We also have direct contact with the factory if there are any questions on custom requirements needed.

If you have a question related to buying shutters, call  01865 570258 or email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Not only do they add an aspect of elegance and class, but buying shutters means they are also suited to almost every home and every window where blinds or curtains may not be appropriate.

Along with security and insulation benefits, shutters really are the practical and aesthetically pleasing choice for every home.

We have various material options including MDF, hardwood and also a high quality ABS for our 100% waterproof range. We have a painted aluminium option for extra security if needed. We stay away from vinyl and cheap plastic shutters as we feel they do not provide the quality and finish we would be proud to supply.

S:Craft, our supplier, has their very own production line in the biggest shutter factory in China.

Our shutters are imported as the quality is unrivalled using the latest technology and manufacturing techniques to produce the best quality shutters globally.

The factory has been ISO 2001 accredited since 1998. All the materials they use are sustainably and ethically sourced.

As every product we sell is bespoke and imported from China, lead times are roughly 10-14 weeks from the date of order as they are shipped by sea.

Air freight is available, reducing this to about 4-6 weeks. We can promise you they are well worth the wait!

Once you have accepted your quotation for buying shutters, a deposit of 50% is required for the order to be accepted.

Once the shutters have been fitted, and you are satisfied with the results, the balance is due on completion.

We accept cash, cheques, bank transfer and credit/debit cards. Due to the shutters being completely bespoke, the deposit is non-refundable.

In the extremely unlikely case, your shutters arrive damaged or have any issues within the first 3 years, you are completely covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

If any accidental damage occurs, parts can be replaced directly from the factory without removing or replacing the whole panel or frame.

This is both cost effective and guarantees you will receive the same finish and quality as originally ordered with your replacement parts.


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