Everything You Need to Know about Shutters


Shutters FAQs

  • Can you install shutters yourself?

    You can install shutters yourself if you have the necessary DIY skills and tools, though precise measurements and careful installation are crucial for a proper fit.

  • How do you hang interior shutters?

    To hang interior shutters, measure the window accurately, align the shutters with the window frame, drill pilot holes, and secure the shutters using hinges or mounting brackets.

  • Can you put shutters on any window?

    Shutters can be installed on most windows, but the window’s size and shape might affect the type and style of shutters that can be used.

  • Do you put curtains over shutters?

    You can put curtains over shutters for additional aesthetic appeal and light control, though it’s not necessary as shutters alone can provide sufficient window coverage.

  • Should your shutters match your front door?

    Matching shutters to your front door can create a cohesive and attractive exterior appearance, but it’s a personal choice and not a necessity.

  • Why are window shutters so expensive?

    Window shutters can be expensive due to the materials used, custom sizing, and the labour involved in their manufacturing and installation.

  • Do shutters keep a room warm?

    Shutters can help keep a room warm by providing an additional layer of insulation, reducing heat loss through windows.

  • Do shutters make a house look bigger?

    Well-chosen shutters can make a house look more elegant and can give the illusion of larger windows, enhancing the property’s overall aesthetic.

  • Why do shutters increase home value?

    Quality shutters can increase home value by improving curb appeal, enhancing energy efficiency, and providing long-lasting window coverings.

  • Are shutters worth the money?

    Shutters can be worth the money considering their durability, aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and the value they add to your home.

  • Can you still open windows with shutters?

    Yes, you can still open windows with shutters installed; many shutters are designed to swing open or can be easily adjusted for window access.

  • Can shutters be fitted to UPVC windows?

    Shutters can be fitted to UPVC windows, but it’s important to ensure proper installation to avoid damaging the UPVC frames.

  • Do houses look better with or without shutters?

    Whether a house looks better with or without shutters depends on the architectural style, window design, and personal preference.

  • How long do shutters last?

    Quality shutters can last many years, often over 20 years, depending on the material and how well they are maintained.

  • Are shutters a good investment?

    Investing in shutters can be a good decision as they are durable, provide energy savings, enhance privacy and security, and can increase the resale value of your home.

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