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  • Window Shutters

    Window Shutters – A guide to saving energy and money in 2021

    If you want to save money and energy in 2021, it helps to be prepared. Nobody likes rising electricity, gas and heating bills, so if you’re worried about the cost of heating your home next winter, then The Oxford Shutter Company could be right for you. These window coverings for homes and conservatories are an …

  • right window shutters

    Choosing the right window shutters for your home

    Shutters are a versatile, attractive and cost-effective way of adding style and privacy to your windows. They also provide security by providing a visual deterrent – especially at night. But before you go out looking for the right shutters, it’s essential to understand what is available in today’s market. That’s why we’ve put together this …

  • Tracked Shutter - shutters for windows - installing new shutters

    Our Ultimate 2021 Guide to Installing New Shutters

    You’re not sure what to do with your windows, and you need a change? Consider installing new shutters! There are many benefits of having them installed, including protection from the sun and rain. They also give a nice finishing touch to any room. This blog will help you understand how to choose new shutters for …

  • The Best Choices Of Bay Window Shutters For Your Home

    The Best Choices Of Bay Window Shutters For Your Home

    Spring is coming and it is absolutely wonderful to be able to see a little light on the horizon in the news and streaming in through our windows. As we look ahead to lockdown restrictions slowly but surely being lifted over the course of the next few months and start to look ahead to better …

  • How Much Are Shutters? The Factors That Influence The Price

    How Much Are Shutters? The Factors That Influence The Price

    There are many factors to consider when deciding to buy shutters. Your home’s overall decor, any specific use you have for shutters and cost are some of the critical factors in determining whether to install window shutters. Many different things can impact the cost of window shutters. The size and style, location and materials can …

  • Everything You Need to Consider When Buying Shutters Online

    Everything You Need to Consider When Buying Shutters Online

    Ecommerce is booming, and purchasing products over the web has never been more popular. In fact, even the older generations are embracing online shopping and all the perks it rewards. Buying just about anything, including shutters, has never been easier. We know what to look out for if you are buying your new shutters online. …

  • window shutter installation

    Professional VS DIY Shutter Installation: Which Is Best?

    When you think about window shutter installation, it’s easy to believe that it’s a task that you can DIY. If you’ve already made lots of flat-packed furniture, then you might think that installing shutters is another easy task that won’t take long. At The Oxford Shutter Company, we know that you need to make sure …

  • café style shutters

    5 reasons why café style shutters are a great choice

    If you are looking for an understated but sleek approach to shutters, then café style shutters just might be the perfect solution. We take a look at the 5 reasons why café style shutters are such a good option for your home or business. They are great for privacy Whether you live on a busy …

  • Tracked Shutter - shutters for windows - installing new shutters

    5 types of shutters for windows you should consider

    Deciding you want shutters fitted to your windows is an exciting decision, but it can also be somewhat daunting. What type of shutter style should you go for when looking for shutters for windows? Do shutters vary in price? Is it a problem if your home has bay windows? For the last 20 plus years, …

  • Oxford shutter company

    How Much Are Shutters

    Practical, stylish, timeless – shutters are a great edition to any home and a fantastic alternative to curtains. However, many people are put off buying shutters, as they think they are prohibitively expensive, which isn’t always the case. In fact, our shutters are known to last over 15 years, which makes them a great investment …

  • bay window shutters in Oxford

    Stunning bay window shutters from the Oxford Shutter Company

    Are you looking to enhance the beauty of your bay windows?  Do you want privacy while also maximising light in the room?  Love the idea of bringing a sense of effortless style to your home?  Then bay window shutters could be the perfect choice. Whether you’ve got a modern or period property, need window dressings …

  • Covid-19 - shutters for windows

    Covid-19 update: from the Oxford Shutter Company

    The last few months have been incredibly challenging, but we want to reassure our customers that your health and safety, along with that of our staff members, is our priority. In line with government instructions to stop non-essential travel and social contact, we have temporarily suspended all our face-to-face free consultations, home surveys and professional …