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  • Oxford shutters

    How can Oxford shutters add value to your home in 2022?

    Window shutters are becoming increasingly popular It’s unusual now to drive down a street and not spot at least two or three homes that have window shutters installed. This is no surprise considering the number of benefits they bring to a home, not just whilst you are living there, but when you come to sell …

  • maintaining window shutters

    Maintaining window shutters: An effective guide to make your windows sparkle

    Maintaining window shutters to make them last If you have just had your window shutters installed, you will want to do everything you can to look after them, so they stand the test of time. Maintaining window shutters is actually more straightforward than some people may think, and with a few short steps, your shutters …

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    3 bespoke window shutter ideas for your children’s bedrooms

    Tier on tier shutters offer flexibility and air circulation A good night’s sleep is essential for your child, and children’s bedrooms can be some of the most challenging rooms to sleep in because of their placement in your home. You need to ensure that children’s bedrooms are dark and quiet at night, but at the …