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  • maintaining window shutters

    Maintaining window shutters: An effective guide to make your windows sparkle

    Maintaining window shutters to make them last If you have just had your window shutters installed, you will want to do everything you can to look after them, so they stand the test of time. Maintaining window shutters is actually more straightforward than some people may think, and with a few short steps, your shutters …

  • bespoke window shutter

    3 bespoke window shutter ideas for your children’s bedrooms

    Tier on tier shutters offer flexibility and air circulation A good night’s sleep is essential for your child, and children’s bedrooms can be some of the most challenging rooms to sleep in because of their placement in your home. You need to ensure that children’s bedrooms are dark and quiet at night, but at the …

  • window covering

    Let’s settle the window covering debate for your home

    The advantages of window coverings in your home You have a beautiful new home that you are proud of – but how do you dress your windows to ensure your home is protected, stylish and works for you rather than against you? There has long been a debate on curtains, shutters and blinds and which …

  • Cleaning window shutters

    An easy 2022 guide to cleaning window shutters

    Make your window shutters stand the test of time Wooden shutters can be a wonderful addition to your home. Not only do you have the ability to control light and privacy, but you can also reduce your energy bills and even add value to your home if you are trying to sell it. Window shutters …

  • Stylish Shutters

    2022 improvement with stylish shutters in your home

    Give your home the look it deserves with Oxford Shutter Company in 2022 Your home, like you, deserves the best. You need flexibility, practicality and something that works for you. So why not consider replacing your current window dressings with stylish shutters? This month, The Oxford Shutter Company go into detail about their popular window …

  • oxford window shutter

    2022 Oxford window shutter trends from The Oxford Shutter Company

    Window shutters have been around for centuries but that doesn’t mean they are stuck in the past. At The Oxford Shutter Company, they are always looking at the latest innovations and technologies to bring them to you. This blog will look at the 2022 Oxford window shutter trends, to help you make an informed decision …

  • shutter installation

    Beautiful shutter installation before your Christmas gathering

    There is nothing more inviting to many of us than sitting down in our cosy living rooms on a cold winter evening, with a fire blazing and a nice hot toddy in our hands. But if your window dressings look a little outdated and worn, or you have a chilly draft managing to seep its …

  • Dressing your shutters

    Dressing your shutters for Halloween in 2021 to impress your neighbours

    We love Halloween! Walking through the streets of Oxford and seeing the beautiful decorations in the windows of homeowners who are looking forward to celebrating fills us with joy! This feeling is made even better when you see a beautiful spooky window setting that is finished perfectly by The Oxford Shutter Company’s shutters. This month, …

  • Buying Shutters

    The handy Oxford guide to buying shutters from The Oxford Shutter Company

    Window Design and Size – know your windows before you go any further! If you live in Oxford, the chances are you are surrounded by beautiful homes in all shapes and sizes that have used shutters to their full advantage. Shutters have the ability to finish the overall look of a home and they are …

  • Window Shutters

    Window shutters – from Ancient Greece to your home

    Back to the beginning of window shutters Window shutters – a thing of beauty. They can transform not only the internal finish of our homes but they can make the exterior eye-catching to passers-by. Shutters have an extensive history, with traces back to medieval times and are synonymous with a traditional English home. In this …