Delving into the history of Oxford

There can be no doubt that Oxford is an impressive and important city. As the Shutter Company based in Oxford, we are keen to preserve the beauty of this city.

Known worldwide for its prestigious university, this city has been called ‘the city of dreaming spires’, a tribute to the incredible architecture you can find throughout the streets. Originally known as ‘Oxenaforda’ or the ‘Ford of Oxen’ during Saxon times, these names came to be from the two rivers running through the city – the Cherwell and the Thames. The Shutter Company, based in Oxford, is proud of its roots and Oxford heritage!

Oxford is home to some incredible buildings, including The Bodleian Library, The Hertford Bridge – also known as The Bridge of Sighs, and of course, the University of Oxford. The city has been used in many TV dramas and films, Harry Potter, and Inspector Morse, to name but two. Attracting thousands of visitors and sightseers every year, the city of Oxford is accessible and can be travelled around on foot unless you prefer an open-top bus or the many walking tours that are offered all year round.

Our premium, made to measure shutters are a timeless addition to any home

Traditional window types in Oxford from The Shutter Company

There are at least 18 conservation areas in Oxford, protected and preserved due to their unique architectural and historic features.

With such a focus on maintaining the traditional look and feel of Oxford homes, it’s important that property owners find a solution to upgrading their windows without detracting from the original historic feature. The window of choice for many historic Oxford homes? The traditional sash window, of course.

Sash windows are a large piece of British architecture and design. An iconic feature of many Georgian and Victorian homes, the quality of these windows is such that many are still standing (and in good condition) today. Pre 1950’s high, quality timber was used along with an immense amount of craftsmanship to manufacture these elegantly styled windows. Using large panes to allow a greater amount of natural light, these window choices are featured heavily across historic parts of Oxford.

It is no wonder, with windows already so beautiful, that homes and businesses in Oxford are not keen to jump into new territory with a more modern look and design. Being the shutter company of choice in and around Oxford, it is imperative that we provide bespoke and custom-made shutters and blinds that only seek to enhance the naturally beautiful features of these windows without detracting from their historic and unique design.

Choosing The Shutter Company to enhance your Oxford windows

As The Shutter Company based in Oxford, we are committed to preserving the beauty and character of our local city. Our expert teams are dedicated to providing reliable sash window shutters and blinds that adhere to and enhance the unique character that can be found throughout Oxford. With a history spanning over 1000 years, it is essential that the traditional sash window structure remains a key feature of historic homes in Oxford whilst enhancing insulation and security for its residents.

The Shutter Company understands how much affection Oxford residents have for their sash windows. That’s why we offer a tailored range of products suitable for any sized property in Oxford. Our expertise enables us to provide home and business owners with shutters and blinds that guarantee more efficient energy conservation and less exposure to exterior noise without compromising on aesthetics or quality.

Our team work closely with each of our clients to understand the bespoke requirements they are looking for from the shutter company they have chosen. We take exact measurements of your windows before crafting the perfect window covering of your choice. This process works perfectly for those with slightly differing window measurements, which is natural for homes that are more historic.


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