Tracked Shutters

For any Oxford home, tracked shutters are an elegant and stylish way to cover large windows or doors with ultimate ease. An effortless sliding system allows you to cover vast openings with the ability to bi-fold the panels together or use the by-pass system that allows each panel to slide past each other. As well as an added layer of security tracked shutters add stunning aesthetic value to any space.

The tracked shutters system is more commonly used on expanses such as the ever-popular bi-fold doors. The beauty of this system is you can control the light and privacy so easily.

Whether you want the whole set closed for some privacy or to completely fold all the panels back revealing the light and the beautiful view you may have. With a huge range of tracked shutters options available, you can choose where they would stack or if you would like them free floating for ultimate versatility.

Tracked Shutters Information

The by-pass system is perfect for wall dividers and wardrobe doors for ease of use and a timeless addition to any home. We can create the design to match your existing window shutters or they also work beautifully as solid panels.

Operated on a smooth, easy gliding track you can be sure gain great function as well as aesthetics. As room dividers, they are commonly used in open plan houses, providing a perfect option to divide your space to create a more cosy, warm feel if needed.

Whether you want fixed louvers, solid panels or fully operating louvers, you can be sure to find a tracked shutters design to suit your requirements.

You may also be interested in our shaped shutters range.

Key Features

  • Bi-Fold or By-Pass track systems
  • Great for wardrobes
  • Ideal room dividers
  • Glide smoothly on a track
  • Optional 180° bi-fold to lay panels flat against the wall
  • Optional free floating panels

Suitable For

  • Larger windows or openings
  • Patio doors
  • Internal glass screens in offices
  • Open plan spaces
Tracked Shutters


The Antigua range is our entry level product made from high quality MDF. It is durable, robust and very easy to clean.

  • Available in 9 different shades.
  • Available in 5 different louver sizes.
  • Small and med size windows


Cuba is our entry level hardwood range, combining style and practicality. Made from MDF frames and hardwood panels, Cuba is your amazingly affordable hardwood option.​

  • Perfect for large openings.
  • Available in 23 different colours.​
  • Available in 4 different louver sizes.


A completely wooden product made from Paulownia, a fast growing hardwood with an outstanding strength to weight ratio. An ethically sourced product perfect for large openings and roof spaces.

  • 27 stain colours
  • 23 stylish painted colours.
  • Special shapes and solid panels.
  • 7 different louver sizes.


A blend of ABS louvers and an MDF frame gives us the Bermuda range. More versatile than the entry level Antigua range, Bermuda has a huge amount of options to choose from.

  • Available in 22 stylish colours.
  • Available in 5 different louver sizes.
  • Durable yet lightweight panels.


The fully waterproof option which is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Made from ABS, a more robust option than the cheaper, vinyl shutters. With an amazing high quality finish, it is virtually impossible to tell this product is plastic.

  • Fully waterproof.
  • 22 shades and custom colour.
  • Lightweight and durable.


The top of the range product crafted from White Teak. As one of the worlds finest timbers, it is both a sustainable and ethical hardwood.

  • Premium White Teak hardwood.
  •  20 stain colours
  • 28 stylish painted colours.
  • Special shapes and solid panels.
  • 6 louver options available.


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